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What Is the tour Itinerary subject to last minute changes?
Yes, in case of force majeure events.

Do you provide Leave Travel Certificate?
Yes, we do. Subject to your intimation to us about your requirement at the time of booking.

What are the holiday package components?

  • Land Package: Includes your hotel accommodation, transfers and sightseeings, a combination of any two or more of these service or only one stand alone service.
Are there any benefits of booking for a group for an FIT package?
Yes, if the group is of more than 15 Adults, then depending upon the destination and travel there can be group benefits available.

Can I take a wheelchair on the tour?
Yes, you can bring your own wheel chair and move at most of the sightseeing places but a qualified companion must accompany guest who are traveling on wheelchair.

What meals are included on the tour?
For Domestic its mostly breakfast and dinner.

What is FIT/Tailor Made/Customized Holidays?
When one plans and books his holiday as per his requirement, rather than booking a Group Tour/Fixed Departure, it is called a Free Individual Traveler or a Tailor Made or a Customized Holiday. The person gets to travel as per his travel plan, dates, destinations etc.

Is there any restrictions on the number of people traveling?
No, there is no restriction on the number of people traveling.

How many days prior can I book such a tour?
Domestic holiday can be booked even 1 day prior to departure, provided you walk in to any of our branches.

How can I book such a tour?
a)Walking into any one of our office and meeting a Sales Executive.
b)Calling our helpline number.

Do you provide Leave Travel Certificate?
We do provide the leave travel certificate, subject to your intimation to us about your requirement at the time of booking the tour itself.

Do I need to pay the entire tour price at the time of booking the tour?
At the time of booking you need to pay the 50% of the land package cost. This might vary depending upon the lead time available from the day of booking and the tour departure date.

Can someone else pay for my tour booking?
Yes, that can be done.

What are the modes of payment?
Cash, Cheque, DD, debit card, credit card or online transfers(NEFT) can be used to make payments, depending on govt. regulations.

Can I cancel/change the tours, after booking?
Yes, but it depending on cancellation/modification conditions, refer to the terms and conditions copy.

What documentation do I require while booking the tour?
a) Domestic: Valid, govt. issued photo ID.

Are there any discounts available?

Yes, there are are, depending upon the period one books for.

What does the Indian tour price include ?
The Indian tour price generally is inclusive of your accommodation, all meals, sightseeing, entrance charges, Tour Leader services,etc but does not include your to and fro journey tickets. However we do have Airport to Airport tours which is all inclusive tours by Air. For more information on inclusion of tour price kindly refer tour inclusion section on the respective tour itinerary page on our website .

Can I avail any early booking benefit ?
Yes, you get an advance booking discount for all tours on paying full registration amount at the time of booking. Discounts are slab wise and are given on first cum first serve basis. They are valid for limited seats, limited period, limited tours and vary depending on the tour and region, so book early and save thousands. DDTT also offers full payment discount if you pay the entire tour price 60 - 300 days prior to the tour departure .

What benefits can Repeat Travelers and Senior Citizens expect ?
DDTT does have repeat guest and senior citizen discounts and it varies as per the tour. The travel consultant will provide the details when you book the tour .

What are the benefits of group bookings?
Yes, you are eligible for group discount if you book for a group of more than 8 guests on the same day.

Is there any age criteria for discounts? Do children also get discount?
Discounts are applicable for all guests who are or above 2 years of age .

What is the difference between Child and Infant?
Infant is any guest who is below 2 years of age whereas child is guest who is or above 2 years of age and below 12 years of age.

Is there any specific reason, why there is a remarkable difference in the price for an Infant & a Child for the World tours?
Airlines have different airfares for both infant and child as per their defined age category. For infant, airfare is 10% of the adult airfare whereas for child, it is 75% of adult fare or at times child fare may be the same as adult fare. For child above 2 years we also provide separate coach seats for the entire tour .

Does DDTT travel book our journey tickets for Indian tours?
Indian tour price does not include air or railway tickets. In-case, you wish to travel by rail the tickets have to be booked by yourself. We book for your air travel only. However, we also have Air to Air tours where the tour price is inclusive of to and fro air ticket cost.

If I book my own railway /air tickets, do I have to submit a copy to DDTT?
If you book your own railway / air tickets then the ticket details must be shared with the travel Consultant.

Will DDTT assist for one way journey tickets?
DDTT will assist you with one way tickets for regular tours but for Air to Air packages guest has to take to and fro ticket. They cannot opt for only one way ticket as the to & fro ticket fare is included in the tour price.

How much baggage is allowed per ticket?
At present, depending upon the airline, most of the airlines are allowing 15 Kgs of Cargo bags per ticket and 05 Kgs of Handbag per ticket. In addition to hand baggage, one personal item like Laptop or ladies purse is allowed. However, due to security reasons for Jammu and Srinagar flights the hand baggage also goes along with the check in baggage and only laptop or digital camera is permitted inside the aircraft.

Do I need to carry any ID proof while traveling?
Yes, all tourists traveling by air / rail for Indian tours have to carry photo identification proof in the form of driving license, election ID card, PAN card, passport and for students their school / college ID card. Also, at certain sightseeing places in India any Identity proof (except PAN card) is a must which is mentioned on the respective tour itinerary page on our website

How can I use my refund amount for Future Tour?
Future Tour Discount Letter ('FTDL') is better option compared to refund as it fetches more benefits to you. It can be used for any tour & transferable to to your blood relatives,on provision of NOC. After paying once, will I get refund of the tour cost? In case of cancellation of your tour by the Company, you will get the refund of actual amount paid by you. But if you cancel the tour, the cancellation charges will be applicable as per the below mentioned cancellation policy:-
From the day of departure Indian Tours
Number of days prior to the Departure we receive your written application Amount you must pay Cancellation charges % on Total tour price
 More than 60 days 5% or 1000 whichever is higher
60 - 46 days 15.00%
45 - 31 days 25.00%
30 -15 days 40.00%
14 - 04 days 60.00%
03 - 01 days 80.00%
On the day of departure 100.00%
On Tour 100.00%
  Above cancellation charges will apply on the total Tour price excluding the discount, rail and air fare.

Is the Registration amount refundable?
The Registration amount paid at the time of booking, is non refundable & interest free. However, to ensure your booking at given price & allowed discount, you need to pay the entire amount of initial deposit amount in stipulated time line.

Can I transfer my Refund amount to any other tour or to my friend's or relative's tour?
Yes, your refund amount is transferable to your other tour. Incase, if you want your refund amount to be transferred to that your friend's or relative's tour, we'll need a duly signed Authority Letter from you.

Is my refund amount adjustable against any part - cancellation?
No, the refund amount is not adjustable against part cancellation.

How much time does it usually take to process a refund?
Ideally, it takes 4 - 5 working days to process refunds,once the guest agrees on refund amount. However, to derive the best amount of refund, it takes additional operational time to deal with airlines, hoteliers etc.

What is be the mode of payment in case of refund?
Ideally, the refund amount is credited using the same mode of payment that you had used to book the tour, the only exception in this case is if you had used Cash/Demand Draft in which case, the mode of payment for refund will be 'Account Payee' cheque only. In case of Credit Card, the transaction would be reversed accordingly, considering the bank charges/Service charges on Credit Card payments which is non-refundable. .

Are online refunds possible, if yes, what's the process and who will bear the transaction cost?
Yes, online refunds are possible, if the the booking was done online. If DDTT cancels the tour for whatsoever reason,then the entire tour cost will be refunded.

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